Setting up a research project is, unfortunately, not just planning where to go and what to study. It also involves applying for permits – a lot of permits. This does naturally fill a bigger purpose but it also requires a lot of patience and a decent budget. Time on ones hands is of the essence since some permits have a six month processing overturn.

Here is a list of what permits that we were required apply for to conduct our project:

  1. Tanzania
    1. Project approval from Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute (TAWIRI)
    2. Research permit from Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH)
    3. Residence permit class C
    4. Referral letter to the Management and Local Government Authorities
    5. Free entry permit (needed to enter protected areas)
    6. CITES export permit

  2. Sweden (EU)
    1. CITES import permit
To conduct research projects in Tanzania one also has to collaborate with a local researcher, university or NGO. This list is not exhaustive and each step has its own particulars. Visit the websites listed below to find guidelines and applications forms.