THE PROJECT - Fieldwork
All dwarf galago populations and species can be found, not exclusive to, but nevertheless, at or nearby the Eastern Afromontane Biodiversity Hotspots in Kenya, Tanzania and Malawi. We have pinpointed a range of locations within this area previously described as dwarf galago habitat. The locations were chosen, not only to include as many species and unique populations as possible, but also with the intent to cover distinct inter-species boundaries and potential hybrid zones.

We will be conducting surveys during August – September, 2012, to sample from (hopefully) five different sites (see map) and five different species. The remaining species not sampled here will either be covered on a second trip and/or have DNA sequenced from already collected material.

Our project requires reliable means of transportation since long distances will be covered to remote areas carrying loads of equipment, e.g. traps, camping gear and food. We will therefore utilize a 4x4 Toyota Land Cruiser or a car of equivalent capacity.

Once caught in our traps, we will not only sample individuals for DNA but also take morphometric measurements and take photographs. As a further compliment for compiling descriptive data on the species under exploration we will record vocalizations and video record movements when possible.